HanukkahFlash 90

The Ministry of Health intends to ask the government tomorrow to approve a series of restrictions ahead of the start of Hanukkah.

The ministry demands that gatherings of more than two people who are not from one nuclear family be prevented between 5:30 pm and 12 am.

Shops and businesses would also be closed during these hours.

The Prime Minister, together with the National Security Council, sought to promote a permanent night closure during the days of Hanukkah, which was supposed to last about three weeks.

However, an opinion submitted by the Deputy Attorney General, Adv. Raz Nazri said that such a move is not possible from a legal standpoint due to the fact that Ministry of Health thinks it would be ineffective and opposes it.

Another step that the government will discuss is a move for "tightened restraint" if the rate of diagnoses continues to rise.

Regarding this issue, there is a dispute between the National Security Council and the Ministry of Health. The ministry is interested in starting this process from the moment there are 2,000 new diagnoses per day.

According to the National Security Council, it is necessary to wait until the daily number of diagnoses reaches 3,500.