Rina Shnerb's parents
Rina Shnerb's parentsYehonatan Gottlieb

On Wednesday morning, the military prosecutor will be presenting her proposal for a plea bargain in the case of known terrorist Khaled Kuad, to the military court on the Ofer military base. Kuad was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack at the Dolev Spring that killed Rina Shnerb and injured her father and brother.

The suspect in this case has a previous terrorism-related conviction dating back to 2012, linked to his membership of the Popular Front, for which he was sentenced to a spell in prison as well as a suspended sentence. The suspended sentence is still effective and will become applicable in the event that the defendant is found guilty of another terrorist-related offense.

Around a month before the terrorist attack in which Rina Shnerb was killed, the defendant was driving in a vehicle together with Kassam Shibli, another member of the Popular Front, who has been convicted of the murder of Rina Shnerb as well as the attempted murder of others. During their drive, Shibli allegedly told Kuad that the Dolev Spring would be a suitable place to carry out a terrorist attack.

Despite the large amount of evidence against Kuad, the military prosecutor intends to present an extremely lenient plea bargain, one that will involve just 20 months of imprisonment and a partial implementation of his previous suspended sentence, resulting in a total of 24 months in prison.

Members of the Shnerb family intend to present their vehement opposition to the plea bargain to the military tribunal, protesting its “extreme leniency.”

“The plea bargain makes no reference to the fact that the defendant might have been able to avert the murder of Rina if he had divulged that a fellow member of the terrorist group was planning to carry out this murderous attack,” they note. “Likewise, the plea bargain makes no reference to the fact that defendant was a known dangerous entity and that this was not the first time he had been arrested for terrorist activity.”

Last week, Rabbi Eytan Shnerb met with the military prosecutor for Judea and Samaria, Ofira Alkabetz, and explained to her that while the Shnerb family respects her very much for her professional work in Judea and Samaria, when it comes to her management of the Kuad case, the family considers her to have made a serious error of judgement.