'Iron Woman': Shaked
'Iron Woman': ShakedFlash 90

Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked responded to attacks by the Likud during a debate in the Knesset plenum.

"From last night we've been in a long and continuous crybaby display. If we think about it, we're in the midst of a whole decade of whining and lack of governance because this is the method - to whine and not govern," Shaked accused.

She said, "I want to explain the difference between a serious Right and a crybaby Right. I read today that the Prime Minister wants to pass a reform of the justice system, which is a great thing, but he had a whole decade. He's been sitting on the prime minister's throne for more than a decade. So one time, Ehud Barak was the partner and the prime minister pledges to protect the system and stop any change and any reform. A second time, the first to receive the Justice Ministry was Tzipi Livni. For the third time, they claim that Kahlon and the Kulanu faction stopped these changes. Each time a different reason. And now they have brought in the great reformer Avi Nissenkorn.

"Is that why we went to three election campaigns? So that Avi Nissenkorn, the Chairman of the Histadrut, would be in the Ministry of Justice? When I entered the Ministry of Justice, I didn't come to quarrel, I came to act. I acted. In order to appoint nationalist, conservative judges, we need to work quietly, make alliances, make partnerships, reach agreements, not shout," Shaked clarified.

"The public is not dumb. The public does not enjoy street performances. It wants performance, it wants receipts. And it also understands the difference between a Right that acts, between a serious Right and a crybaby Right. Today the Likud took a one-day break from the failure to deal with COVID-19, to fail in the committee for the selection of judges," Shaked concluded.

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