The Matanel Foundation, in collaboration with the Conference of European Rabbis has distributed 20,000 Hanukkah packages to children, including many orphans throughout Europe. The sets include menorahs, candles, and dreidels.

Sets were sent to schools, including dozens of schools for orphaned children, and to families with low socioeconomic status and difficult social backgrounds, such as families who lost parents to the coronavirus.

"We are very excited at the great privilege that has fallen to us to illuminate the pure hearts and worlds of thousands of children," said Joelle Aflalo, one of the leaders of the Matanel Foundation.

Aflalo said Matanel would continue to play a significant role in assisting the families of community rabbis who died of the coronavirus through the aid fund set up by the Conference of European Rabbis and in holding seminars for rabbis.

"We Jews do a lot in terms of international aid," Aflalo added, "but first and foremost we must support and help our people. To be a light to ourselves and then a light to other peoples. The foundation supports many Jewish organizations and institutions in Israel, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Jewish world. This is done by holding seminars for young rabbis, establishing kindergartens, schools and community centers, distributing gifts for the holidays and more."

"Evil winds are blowing all over the world and in Europe in particular. Among us, unfortunately, some do not light fires but add oil to the fire. We ask G-d that we can be used as a tool to make a difference," Aflalo concluded.