Chabad emissariess (archive)
Chabad emissariess (archive)Benzi Sasson

Security has been stepped up at Jewish institutions across the world following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the "father of the Iranian nuclear program."

The Chabad Lubavitch Security Commission, has sent a 'safety warning' to thousands of Chabad affiliates around the world.

The statement said: "On Friday, November 27, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was the alleged mastermind of Iran's nuclear weapons program, was killed in a bombing and shooting near Tehran."

"Many times in the past, Israel and Jews around the world have been the targets of Iran and Hezbollah. Israeli and Jewish sites are seen as major potential targets following such attacks." the statement continued,

In their remarks, the Chabad movement clarified that there is no concrete evidence that an attack is imminent, but stressed that caution is important in the current situation. "Although there is currently no concrete information indicating a direct threat to Chabad centers as a result, as in the past, there is concern that the current situation and the great tension may contribute to increased risk and threat situations for Jewish structures - including Chabad centers."

The statement some practical steps. "Since such attack planners operate all over the world, we call on all our centers around the world to be on high alert and make the following recommendations: Maintain increased awareness when out in public and in your Chabad house or in its vicinity and pay special attention to anyone unfamiliar to you." .

"Immediately report any suspicious behavior or activity to nearby law enforcement personnel, be careful about publishing the location and times of any public events, be vigilant for unsupervised packages or bags, seek increased assistance and greater presence from local law enforcement agencies, consider reinforcing your security with private security companies.

The message concluded with the request: "If you witness suspicious activity, no matter how trivial it seems to you, please let us know."