Former Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett spoke on RT on Monday following the elimination of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

“As a former Defense Minister of Israel I would have no idea specifically on this event. What I can say is this guy was not a benign nuclear scientist. His focus and expertise was the weaponization. This is a very, very dangerous thing. Not only that: We know that whenever the IAEA inspectors wanted to meet him, Iran again and again declined to allow him to meet those inspectors. If he was just some benign scientist that should have been no problem,” said Bennett.

“We have an evil empire, the Ayatollahs that have hijacked a very good nation of Persians, and taken them down a route of weaponization, nuclear weaponization, a very dangerous one for the region and, if I may, for the entire world,” he added.

Bennett warned, “If the world wakes up one morning with Tehran having two, three or five nuclear weapons, it’s a terrible new world. It’s a nightmare world for everyone: For the United States, for Russia, for everyone. It would mean that the entire region would start a nuclear arms race, it would mean that Iran, that is currently fomenting terror all around the region and the world would be able to do so, but not regular terror, nuclear terror. This is something the world has to stop.”

“Fakhrizadeh was a ticking nuclear bomb, and the world, using economic pressure and policy and other dimensions has to stop Iran from doing this,” he stressed. “This is a regional interest. We see all the regional players who are opposing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It would be a nightmare for everyone and the world in its entirety has to stand up and stop this.”