Iranians protest killing of Fahrizadeh
Iranians protest killing of FahrizadehREUTERS

The United Arab Emirates’ foreign ministry issued a statement Sunday night condemning the killing of a top Iranian nuclear scientist last Friday, the state media outlet WAM reported.

The UAE foreign ministry called the killing of Muhsin Fakhrizadeh a ‘heinous crime’, and called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid a regional escalation.

The ministry “condemns the heinous crime of assassination that targeted Muhsin Fakhrizadeh, which could lead to a state of escalating conflict in the region.”

“Given what the region is going through, the United Arab Emirates calls on all parties to exercise maximum restraint to avoid leading the region into new levels of instability and threatening regional peace.”

Earlier on Sunday, Iran’s Fars media outlet published a report which claimed that the assassination had been carried out remotely, using a machine gun control mounted on a truck which self-destructed after the attack.

Iran has accused Israel of directing the assassination, calling the incident an act of "state terrorism".