Iranian military rockets in museum, Tehran, Iran
Iranian military rockets in museum, Tehran, IraniStock

The widow of the Iranian nuclear scientist Muhsin Fahrizadeh killed on Friday said over the weekend that "he wanted to get martyred and his wish came true" as she appeared on state TV following his death, The Daily Mail reported.

The unnamed widow said the death of her husband would spark a thousand others to take up his work.

On Sunday morning, Norman Roule, formerly National Intelligence Manager for Iran at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in the US, spoke with Efi Triger on Galei Tzahal about the killing of Fahrizadeh, considered the father of Iran's nuclear program, emphasizing that Fahrizadeh was “definitely an irreplaceable individual” for Iran.

Roule noted that although Fahrizadeh played no role in Iran’s civilian program, “the memory he carried of Iran’s weaponization program would make him unique in Iran itself. He also maintained close relations with Iran's Supreme Leader, NSC leadership and its ministry of defense. He understood the bureaucratic intricacies of a weaponization program.”

Furthermore, “Much of the information on that program was taken by Israel when it uncovered a cache of secret documentation. So there may even be some things that only he would [have remembered] from the time of [Iran’s] covert weaponization program.”