Model of Third Temple
Model of Third TempleFrom film

The miraculous liberation of the Temple Mount in 1967 was a game changer. For 2000 years Jews have prayed for the moment when we can rebuild the Holy Temple, yet, fifty three years after liberating the Temple Mount, the Holy Temple remains unbuilt.


The Orthodox religious establishment in Israel and Israel's Chief Rabbinate, are still not on board. Justifications for not building are offered, but in our view, they are not built on the words of either the written Torah or the Oral Torah.

The transition from exile to redemption which has taken place over the past seventy years has passed over many of the great rabbis of our generation, some of whom cite halakhic opinions they believe prevent ascending the Temple Mount, and who remain unwilling to accept either the privilege or the responsibility of having possession of the Temple Mount.

But many other people, rabbis included, are ready, willing and able to begin the rebuilding of the Holy Temple today! There are times when the establishment is out of step with reality. In such times it is up to the people to take up the cause, in spite of the establishment's misgivings.

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