An IDF 'Merkava' tank flipped over Sunday afternoon, during an attempt to drive the vehicle onto a transport truck.

The incident occurred in the northern Jordan Valley in eastern Israel, when the tank struggled to drive onto the transport truck - only to continue driving on after it had managed to gain traction and ascend onto the transport.

As footage of the incident shows, the tank drove forward off the transport base, flipping over in front of the truck.

An initial investigation into the incident found that the driver of the tank was driving too quickly during the loading process, and had not positioned the tank at the proper angle for ascending onto the transport truck.

Military police cordoned off the area, shutting down tank and armored personnel carrier traffic.

One injury was reported in the accident.

According to a spokesperson from Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center in Jerusalem, the 24-year-old driver of the tank suffered minor injuries in the incident, and is expected to be released Sunday evening.