Health Ministry, Jerusalem
Health Ministry, JerusalemFlash 90

Channel 12 News correspondent Inbar Tvizer today tweeted: "Did you know? The Health Ministry today reports 562 hospitalized people from the virus, but an examination with the COVID-19 wards shows that the current number is 392. The reason for the gap: 'There are actually two numbers - those hospitalized in departments dedicated to COVID-19 and those who have already passed the contagious stage, have been defined as recovering, but are still hospitalized in other departments."

Responding to the report, internal medicine and gastroenterology specialist and Hesder Yeshiva in Shaalvim graduate Dr. Shmuel Rochberger told Arutz Sheva that "the number is even lower. Any patient who is hospitalized for any reason, for example due to a leg fracture or inflammation of the appendix, but is found to be COVID-19 positive, is defined and included in the number of hospitalized COVID patients, even though the coronavirus is not related to the reason for hospitalization and treatment he receives."

Dr. Rochberger concluded: "It's one of the wonders of the Health Ministry, which only wanted to increase the number of patients to block and prevent as much as possible opening education, commerce, culture, gyms, etc."