rescuing the Israelis
rescuing the IsraelisBaran company

Nine Israeli citizens were rescued from the battle zones of Tigray, Ethiopia in a complex rescue operation conducted by the Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Ethiopian government and the local army, the UN and the international aid organizations in the area.

The evacuation of the Israelis was led by the Deputy Director General of the Africa Division of the Foreign Ministry, Aliza Bin-Noun, the Deputy Head of the Consular Affairs Division, Eyal Siso, and the Department of Israelis Abroad. The operation was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Foreign Ministry with the authorities in Ethiopia and the UN headquarters through the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia and the Israeli delegation to the UN in New York.

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi spoke with his counterpart in Ethiopia and asked him to work for the rescue of Israelis from the battle zones and to ensure their personal safety.

Israel's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Raphael Morav, has been in constant contact with the Ethiopian Prime Minister's Office and the Ethiopian Chief of Staff.

Among the evacuees were five employees of the Netafim and Baran companies who worked on the irrigation project in the area. The five were evacuated by the Ethiopian army.

The remaining four Israelis, all volunteers from the Cultivaid organization, were evacuated from the city of Makala by a special UN evacuation convoy.

Throughout the operation, the ministry was in contact with the families of the evacuees, and with the three companies.