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Christiane Amanpour,Flash 90

That was quite a mouthful from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, harnessing President Trump’s first four years in the White House to the two days of Kristallnacht, Nov. 9-10, 1938.

Right here about Kristallnacht, because I don’t feel like going into it all over again, coming as I do from a family that went through the whole thing – as if she’d give a damn.

Right here about what she said and Israel’s reaction. She doesn’t need me to popularize her odious rant.

People want her to apologize. Mort Klein at ZOA wants her fired. I’m with Mort, for all the good that will do, as after all, at CNN they’re thinking what she’s thinking. Certainly, about Trump. About the Holocaust, I don’t know. CNN has plenty of Jews high and low, but they sold out years ago, and for a job of journalism that has no conscience.

Should she apologize? She did, but I don’t care. We know what’s in her heart, and that’s enough, or too much, for me.

Anyway, you cannot come clean after airing thoughts like this. The stain will always be there, and it will always be part of her legacy. Her bed to sleep in.

What should offend me more, the Holocaust inference, or the Trump reference? I don’t know. As a Jewish-American Trump supporter, I’ll take a spoonful of each.

By way of saying that we do not watch CNN in our home. So we do not know what goes on in that universe, and when something like this gets out, we say, “consider the source.”

For decades, CNN was PLO headquarters, where Hanan Ashrawi was only a dial away from Ramallah to blood libel Israel.

Now they are in the building. Well, they always were, but Amanpour’s obscenity amounts to doubling down.

Oddly, by the way, she said what she said at about the time when Biden’s Antifa and BLM goons were beating up MAGA men, women and children on the streets of DC.

Shades of the Reich’s Brown Shirts, if you ask me…speaking of Kristallnacht.

But I do not think Amanpour is hip enough to get the timing, nor the connection.

I have read the articles where she is being implored to understand the pain she has caused by bringing up the Holocaust…all useless to closed minds and deaf ears.

You can lead a cow across all the wonders of the world, but when it comes back it is still a cow.

I offer up Roger Waters for Exhibit A when it comes to scoffers of the Jews, and Robert De Niro when it comes perversion against Trump.

Nothing will change these people, which is why I don’t even try. They will always be among us, and if it wasn’t Amanpour, it would be someone else.

Seems to come up about once a month; someone uses the Holocaust as cash for a cheap trick.

Let them yap. We’ve been called names before. We’ve been called names throughout. I was called names growing up as a kid in Montreal. On all that, this is my memoir.

There was a time when they had us on the run, and when their slanders scored direct hits.

But it doesn’t count anymore, because we’ve got Israel, and they don’t, and with Israel we’ve got the power….no matter where we live… against their sticks and stones.

That’s the entire story – Israel. With it, everything is different. Let them sneer. We’re big. They’re small. They exist only if we let them. They can’t reach us. They can’t touch us.

Israel – our shield and secret weapon against all slurs.

Am Yisrael Chai

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