BennettFlash 90

Former Defense Minister and Education Minister MK Naftali Bennett tonight responded to claims by the Moderna company that they have been successful in testing their vaccine.

Bennett said Israel should behave as if there was no vaccine. "Moderna's vaccine is great news. There's still a long way to go. There could be surprises in the schedules or side effects or logistical problems. It's wonderful that we signed with them. On the other hand, let's not enter a lax atmosphere, and let's continue to act as if there's no vaccine."

Next, Bennett referred to the state of the education system. "The children of Israel are becoming zombies. They are gaining weight, facing very big difficulties, and without any justification. They can study with less compulsory subjects, more flexibility, and learning outside, even volunteering. I don't know why we don't do it. First and foremost, I loudly declare that a distinction should be made between green and red cities. In most places you can study outside. This could be a beautiful time for the education system."

Finally, Bennett referred to Netanyahu's recordings in which he called him a "little dog". "What a person says in a private conversation is not the problem. The reason this government has to go is because it has led Israel into a terrible situation. There are a million unemployed in Israel, why is there no professional training? Because there are two ministers arguing over who gets credit. We should not have suffered the damage. Enormous debts that the children will pay."