The pamphlet
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A mysterious pamphlet urging the religious public not to use vaccinations against the coronavirus is being distributed with Shabbat newsletters in synagogues across Israel, Israel Hayom reported Friday.

The 16-page pamphlet is reportedly being handed out with the weekly Shabbat newsletters regularly carried by synagogues, and argues that it is ‘forbidden’ to receive doses of any of the coronavirus vaccines now in development, claiming they are being manufactured with the express aim of population control.

“I am warning you: The evil people who run Israel have the most wicked plans for us,” the pamphlet reads in part.

“The coronavirus is a total lie. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a disease, but it is not what they’ve been telling us. Most of what they say is a lie, simply a lie. And we believe them, because we are afraid. Most people are afraid. But slowly, people are starting to realize that things aren’t what we’ve been told, that this is like the flu.”

It is unclear who published the pamphlet.