Arutz Sheva interviewed Marc Zell, Chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, who voiced optimism that Pres. Trump would squeak out victories in the remaining battleground states on his way to a second term in office.

"We're not going to try to get the courts to intervene, but rather have them protect the ballots and give us a fair and accurate count," said Zell, referring to rumors of voter fraud. "The only way to guarantee a fair vote is to allow our poll watchers into voting stations.

Zell named the states of Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania as ones where the Trump team would press for a recount.

"If we have an accurate vote, I'm confident [Trump] will win with a comfortable margin in some states and a smaller one in others, but I'm sure we will win," he added.

"You don't keep [observers] from the voting stations for 20 hours in Philadelphia or not let them in at all like you're doing in Detroit because you don't like them. You do it because you're covering up something," said Zell when asked if Trump was alleging criminal acts committed by the Democrats.

Asked what kind of influence Israeli Americans who had voted Republican may have had on the presidential race, Zell said the "biggest impact was on the pro-Israel voters in the U.S. - who unfortunately don't include many of the Jews - who want to see that we're grateful to President Trump for the many wonderful things he has done for Israel."