Torah class in Arabic for the last Jew to immigrate from Sudan
Torah class in Arabic for the last Jew to immigrate from SudanAaron Tzuf

Suzi Makor-Riel, the last Jew to make Aliyah from South Sudan and her Sister Piath made Aliya in 2019 a couple of months apart in a secret mission while their country was in the chaos of a civil war.

In the Bet Alfa Absorption center the Judaism classes are given in Amaharic for the Ethiopian Olim, but the South Sudani Sisters speak only Arabic.

Aaron Tzuf, who took part in bringing them to Israel tried to get funding for their classes from the Jewish agency but was not successful due to the fact that they do not require conversion unlike the other new Olim from Ethiopia.

Tzuf’s organization The Heart of Israel found a single donor, Jerrald Wiener, that took upon himself to fund the classes. The next task was to find a rabbi that speaks fluent Arabic. Rabbi Yehuda Hudeda, who made Aliyah from Syria at age 16, was found and was very excited about this unique project.

During the first class this week, Rabbi Hudeda(who is also a mohel) was talking about the foundations of Judaism and mentioned brit mila.

Suzi said that her 8 year old boy was never circumcised, and now they are planning a brit mila for him.

Tzuf said “it is so special to sit in Israel and learn about the stories of the Jewish people leaving Egypt,” when they themselves had their own personal exodus.