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A 24-year-old woman from Beer Sheva who was discharged from the army around eighteen months ago after completing her mandatory term of service, has been camping out in a tent in front of the Welfare Ministry building in Jerusalem, with, apparently, no place to call home.

The woman was categorized as a lone soldier during her service, which she completed in the Border Police.

A journalist from Galei Tzahal, Tzahi Davush, related: “This morning, I went to make sure that from now on, Livnat would have a roof to sleep under, and to my surprise, I discovered that this former lone soldier was living at the home of [MK Naftali] Bennett in Raanana.”

Davush added that, “Apparently, Naftali Bennett and his family have decided to adopt Livnat until she finds a permanent home of her own. Yesterday, more than ten politicians appealed to me to do something to help her, but Bennett wasn’t among them. However, in the end, it was only he who did something about it – and without any fanfare, to his great credit.”

Former Knesset member Merav Ben Ari also commented on the incident, saying, “Well done to Naftali Bennett for taking action quietly, and without cameras focused on him. But the problem remains that we have young people without family support who, after they are discharged from the army, have nowhere to go and no one to take care of their needs. We do have frameworks for the homeless, but the programs that exist are designed for older people and not young people in their early twenties, who have very few options available to them.”