Protest against AG
Protest against AGIm Tirtzu

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Tuesday night to protest against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit near his home in Petach Tikvah.

The demonstration, which was organized by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu and the Land of Israel Forum, was held in response to the arrests of several of Mandelblit's neighbors for making critical comments to him on the street.

In one incident that was revealed earlier this month, one of Mandelblit's neighbors was arrested and questioned for calling "shame" at him while passing him on the street.

The demonstrators called on Mandelblit to quit and accused him of being one of the primary reasons for the lack of trust in the justice system.

Over the past couple of months, several exposés were revealed alleging corruption among the police and prosecution responsible for the Netanyahu investigations. In one of the exposés, Mandelblit could be heard in a leaked recording cursing out former State Attorney Shai Nitzan and saying how Nitzan is holding him "by the throat."

Among the speakers at the demonstration included MK Ariel Kallner, Attorney Yoram Sheftel, acclaimed screenwriter Menny Assayag, Attorney Tali Gottlieb, and Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg.

"The conduct of Avichai Mandelblit in recent years is one of the primary reasons behind the deep-seated mistrust of the public in the justice system," said Peleg.

"Mandelblit wasn't elected by the public, and now the public feels that he lost his way and is being forced on them. He needs to quit," added Peleg.

MK Ariel Kallner accused the justice system of being "the greatest threat to Israel as a Jewish state."

"The struggle to reform the justice system is the most proper struggle there is," continued Kallner. "It is a struggle for the essence of the state."

Attorney Tali Gottleib said: "I don't want an Attorney General who thinks that the State Attorney's Office is his home, or that the court is in his pocket."