In a video clip posted by the Rabbi, he describe at length the great virtue of supporting the Cave of the Patriarchs Institutions that operate a Kollel, Talmud Torah, guest accommodation and other activities with the IDF soldiers who serve in Hebron.

Come to be partners in maintaining Torah life at the Cave of the Patriarchs and a prayer will be said for you on the holy tombs >>

"I plead all those who love our Torah and care for settling our holy land to donate since the Talmud Torah and Kollels at the Cave of the Patriarchs Institutions are in dire financial situation due to the general crisis in Israel and it's important to support and help the sound of Torah to be heard at our holy patriarchs' tombs."

מערת המכפלה
מערת המכפלהצילום: דניאל עמירם

The Institutions who Keep the Cave of the Patriarchs

Towards Shabbat Chayey Sarah, The Hebron Shabbat, Cave of the Patriarchs' Institutions launch a crowdfunding campaign and invite people to take part in the activities of the institutions that keep the Cave of the Patriarchs for more than twenty years. The Cave of the Patriarchs' Institutions include the Cave of the Patriarchs' Kollel, Talmud Torah and guest accommodation (Hachnasat Orchim) as well as the coffee and treats projects for the hundreds of IDF soldiers in Hebron.

"This years, the multitudes that usually come here every year wouldn't be able to come to the Cav on Shabbat Chayey Sarah," says Yisrael Bramson, the institutions' CEO. "However, we would like to continue and serve as the Shlichim of Jewish people here in Hebron all year round. Usually at this time of year we are at the height of the preparations for Shabbat Chayey Sarah, including erecting the huge accommodation tents with Rav Danny Cohen and Chabad Hebron. The campaign this year asks people to be partners of the important activities we do here and to enable every donor to get a prayer on the patriarchs' tombs. We'll make sure pious Talmidey Chachamim will pray for every donor on Shabbat Chayey Sarah on the patriarchs' tombs."

Bramson says that despite the financial difficulties during COVID-19, the institutions are still operatin g and are getting ready to double the activities in Hebrew at the end of the pandemic.

Come and be our partners in keeping the The Cave of the Patriarchs' Institutions and maintaining the Jewish stronghold in Hebron>>

מערת המכפלה ב עיר חברון
מערת המכפלה ב עיר חברוןצילום: TPS