Soup kitchen in Netanya
Soup kitchen in NetanyaTuv Lev

Coronavirus, closures and restrictions on trade in Israel are making it difficult for business owners to make a living these days. Many businesses were forced to shut down due to high amounts of debt for which they could not prepare in advance.

The Tuv Lev association, which operates a restaurant for the needy in Netanya and provides food deliveries to low-income families, heard of such business, which sells disposable tableware.

The association decided to help the business sell disposable utensils and bought all its goods before it declared bankruptcy and attempted to sell the rest of the goods, thus helping it repay debts and close the business with dignity.

The business owner is happy for the opportunity to sell all the goods effortlessly, and the Tuv Lev association is happy for the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of charity in purchasing all the goods and providing the needy with sets of dishes, as well as to giving diners at the restaurant a nice and pleasant eating experience.