Trump speaks at Mankato Regional Airport
Trump speaks at Mankato Regional AirportReuters

Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie, a rabbi of the Sephardic community in Manhattan, a physician, researcher and associate of President Trump, estimates that there is a high probability of Donald Trump winning the presidential election, despite all the polls.

"Trump has a great chance of remaining president of the United States. It is known that the polls are not so real and there are several reasons for this. Most polls are done by networks that are against Trump and only ask people who will fit their position. In addition, some people are afraid to say in public that they will vote for Trump and say they will vote for Biden. It already happened four years ago and in the end the president won," Rabbi Abadie recalls.

"I talked to the president's associates and they feel he has a good chance of winning. Thousands come to support him at the election rallies, so the feeling is that he will win. In the last poll two days ago, the difference between them is two percent - the same difference that there was four years ago."

On the change Trump has brought to the Middle East, he says, "Trump is a man who likes to be straightforward. It's clear to him that all Middle East politics has been made of lies. He has changed the trend."

הרב ד"ר אלי עבאדי
הרב ד"ר אלי עבאדיאלירן אהרון

Asked why American Jews are not impressed by the president's efforts toward Israel and continue to support Democrats, Rabbi Abadie replies, "People who love Israel - even if they are not Jews - are impressed by the commitment to Israel. Unfortunately, there are Jews who, no matter what Trump does for Israel, will not like him. It looks weird. Many of the Jews are distant from the religion of Israel, the people of Israel and the State of Israel. Therefore, Israel is not a point that is important to them. A lot of them vote for Democrats because that's what their fathers and fathers’ fathers voted for. They do not think deeply about it. "

In his opinion, "Many of the Jews who vote for Democrats are emotional. They vote with emotion and not with reason. So if they do not like someone - they will not vote for him and they are not interested in his policies. Also, it is well-known that US Jews have good hearts and want to help the underdog. Sometimes in the name of that they vote against the good of the Jewish people."

Rabbi Dr. Abadie was recently appointed rabbi of the Jewish community in the UAE. “I have been a friend of the community in the UAE for several years. I visited there several times, got to know the community and met with local government officials. It is a beautiful community that is starting to grow and prosper. They consulted with me a lot, asked questions and a few weeks ago offered me to be rabbi of the community. I thought about it for a few days and responded in the affirmative. "

"I feel that this appointment is like closing a circle. We left Lebanon, where I was born, as a refugee, and I return to Arab countries as a community leader. The government accepts me and wants the Jewish community to flourish, prosper and grow and live in harmony and coexistence," he concludes.