Attack (illustrative)
Attack (illustrative)iStock

“A,” an IDF soldier who is a graduate of the religious pre-military academy in Beit Yatir, was attacked this Monday by two Arabs who attempted to steal his army-issue weapon. Fortunately, he managed to overcome his attackers and prevent the theft from occurring. The Arabs were subsequently apprehended and taken into custody.

The attack happened near Shaar Ephraim when A was standing at a bus stop near the junction. Two Arabs approached and sprayed pepper gas at him and tried to grab his gun. A fought back and managed to hold onto his weapon; he was assisted by a civilian who happened to be nearby.

Responding to news of the incident, the head of the military academy, Colonel (Res.) Rabbi Moshe Hager told Arutz Sheva that, “A is a very serious young man. He learned fighting skills with us, as well as determination and resolve. We wish him much success for the future.”

"מחנכים ללחימה והכרעת האויב"

The deputy head of the academy, Lieutenant-General (Res.) Rabbi Eytan Slav, added that, “This soldier came to us and built a reputation as a quiet, unassuming youth, but someone clearly with great abilities and potential. He made excellent progress without ever seeking the limelight, and was diligent in using his time to learn Torah in the academy’s study hall and in absorbing valuable lessons that stood him in good stead during this week’s attack.”

One of A’s former teachers, Rabbi Roi Maman, noted that, “A is a very serious young man, an idealist with great abilities and potential. Actually, I’m a bit worried that he’ll be angry at us for drawing so much attention to him, as it was never his habit to seek attention or praise. All the same, the entire staff here is incredibly proud of him.”