Attorney Marc Zell, chief of Republicans Overseas Israel, spoke with Arutz Sheva Tuesday, at the end of a pro-Trump caravan which made its way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“We have people who joined us from all over Israel,” Zell said at the post caravan gathering in the capital. “It’s amazing.”

Dozens of vehicles took part in the caravan, which was organized by the Trump campaign’s offices in Israel.

“We want to see him reelected for the next four years, and we’re here to tell the world that,” Zell continued.

“We’re also here to say that when we come to express our support for Donald Trump, we do so peacefully. Unlike what happened in New York when our friends in New York were attacked by violent people. We’re against violence, we’re for peace,” said Zell, referencing attacks on the Jews For Trump caravan in New York which was targeted by Antifa rioters over the weekend.

“We’re for this president who brought peace to the Middle East. It’s like a dream that is happening.”

“As far as the polls are concerned, I know everybody is saying, ‘Biden is leading, or maybe it is really close.’ We have some different information about that.”

“We are going to expect some very surprising things November third and afterwards.”