The Supreme Court convened Monday to deliberate on a petition filed on behalf of seven Arab terrorists who face the loss of their Israeli residency due to their involvement in anti-Israeli terrorism.

Bereaved families and their supporters gathered outside of the hearing to protest the petition, calling on the court to reject the appeal.

Maurice Hirsch of Palestinian Media Watch, who also serves as an attorney for bereaved families who lost relatives to Arab terrorism, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the bid to strip the terrorists of their Israeli residency.

“I’m here today in the Supreme Court of Israel to hear the petitions of seven terrorists against the decision to cancel their residency in Israel.”

“Some of these terrorists were members of the Hamas government. Some of them are murderers. Some of them are constantly involved in terrorism as Palestinians.”

“Yet at the same time they insist on continuing to hold Israeli residency. It is this residency which allows them to receive social security benefits. It is this residency that allows them free access into Israel in order to kill Israelis.”

“This is something that needs to stop. This is something that the Knesset decided on two years ago, and we’re hoping that today the Supreme Court will finally reject the petitions and send the terrorists where they belong.”