IsrairSivan Faraj

Israir has announced the launch of a daily direct flight to Dubai, and will be the first Israeli airline to operate flights to that destination.

The first flight will depart on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, in honor of the UAE National Day which marks the unification of all seven emirates into one nation.

On the occasion of UAE National Day, carnivals are held along the coast of Dubai, the beaches turn into galleries with sand sculptures, and the Dubai city sky is lit up with extraordinary fireworks displays alongside processions and ceremonies.

Passengers from Israel to Dubai will have to present a negative coronavirus test which was performed 96 hours before takeoff.

Gil Stav, Israir's VP of Marketing and Sales, said, "Immediately after signing the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates, we identified high interest and demand for a vacation in Dubai. We were able to get in touch with luxury hotel chains in Dubai and agree on packages.”

"The Israeli tourist will be exposed to a vacation experience different from anything he has been accustomed to so far. We recognize that more Israelis are changing their plans to go on vacation in Dubai, which until recently was something we could only dream of," added Stav.