Palestinians on Temple Mount protest Charlie Hebdo after attack
Palestinians on Temple Mount protest Charlie Hebdo after attackSliman Khader/Flash 90

The Hamas Islamic movement condemns with "great anger" the "official and unofficial" statements in France that glorify and support publication of illustrations that harm the dignity of Islam's "prophet" Muhammad on the pretext of freedom of expression.

In a statement, Hamas said that violating religions and all the prophets is not covered by freedom of expression, but rather strengthens the culture of hatred and division among human beings.

"Messenger of (Allah) Muhammad, Allah prays and blesses him, was sent as an expression of (Allah's) mercy to human beings, and he emphasized many times in his words the values ​​of reconciliation, coexistence, and respect for the other," Hamas said in a statement.

Hamas has sent an explicit threat to the French government: "We warn strongly against the continuation of this behavior and in particular on the official level in France", which "will lead to resistance between peoples and nations" and "will negatively affect world security and peace."

About a month ago, French President Emmanuel Macron announced his government's intention to bring parliamentary approval in December to allow action against Islamist separatism in the country. He defined Islamism as dangerous to the existence of France.

About a week ago, a teacher in the Paris area was murdered after presenting illustrations about Muhammad as part of a lesson on freedom of expression. The killer, a young Muslim who emigrated from the Caucasus, beheaded the teacher and declared that it was revenge for the insult to Muhammad.

In response, thousands of teachers demonstrated in protest of the murder and illustrations of Muhammad were projected onto a government building.