South Korea to continue flu shot program
South Korea to continue flu shot programReuters

The Korean Medical Association has called on the country’s government to halt its plan to inoculate millions of citizens after more than a dozen people died after receiving flu shots, reports RT.

The vaccine initiative, touted as a strategy to potentially offset COVID-19 complications, aims to provide free flu shots to 19 million people. But the project has been the target of criticism after 13 people died, including a 17-year-old boy and a man in his 70s, after participating in the program.

The vaccination drive was suspended for three weeks after it was revealed that around five million doses requiring refrigeration, had been stored at room temperature while being transpired to a medical facility. The program resumed on October 13. None of those who died received the recalled doses.

Korean Medical Association President Choi Dae-zip today requested that the flu shot campaign be put on hold until safety concerns about the vaccine could be properly addressed.

Korean health authorities claim that they have found no direct links between the reported deaths and the flu shot, says RT.

Health officials say since the program was resumed, 8.3 million Koreans have received flu shots, with about 350 negative reactions to the jab reported.