IDF coronavirus hotel in Ashkelon
IDF coronavirus hotel in AshkelonIDF Spokesman

Military police raided the IDF coronavirus hotel in Ashkelon, enforcing the 'proper integration' ordinance to separate men and women.

According to a report by Besheva journalist Shilo Fried, after documenting male and female soldiers accommodated in some of the rooms, and after a rumor spread that a female soldier had become pregnant in the coronavirus hotel, military police were called to the scene.

Soldiers staying at the facility contacted the IDF Personnel Division and reported the licentiousness at the hotel, and the military police raided the place to enforce orders. According to the soldiers, the hotel was characterized by a "Sodom and Gomorrah" state of affairs.

The IDF does not acknowledge a case of a female soldier reporting pregnancy, but they did recognize the proper integration ordinance violation leading to the military police enforcement operation.

The IDF Spokesman said in response: "The recovery village in Ashkelon operates in accordance with IDF orders, while paying particular attention to aspects of the joint service order to provide all those serving with a respectful and appropriate service environment.

"Enforcement is carried out on a regular basis by commanders and military police. Any case that deviates from orders will be disciplined. The medical and logistical staff in the recovery village are attentive to those staying in the village and it is right to assist in any problem."

As of this morning, there are 701 servicemen in regular and permanent service and IDF employees who are ill with coronavirus. All are in a light condition. Four IDF servicemen were diagnosed in moderate condition and two IDF servicemen are defined as serious.