Construction in Gush Etzion (archive)
Construction in Gush Etzion (archive)Flash90

The Peace Now organization claimed Thursday that after the approval of 4,948 new housing units in the Judea and Samaria yesterday and today in the Supreme Planning Council, 2020 has becoming a 'record' year in 'settlement construction.'

A report by the movement's settlement monitoring team shows that the number of housing units advanced so far in Judea and Samaria in 2020 is 12,159.

The report also showed that 91.2% of the units approved for promotion, 11,091 units in number, are in "isolated settlements," as defined by the far-left movement, where Peace Now states "Israel will have to evacuate under a future permanent agreement."

Only 8.8% of the approved units, 1,068 units, are in settlements that, according to the model agreement of the Geneva Initiative, Israel will be able to annex as part of an exchange of territories.

The Geneva Initiative is a peace plan which was proposed in 2003 by former Israeli and Arab negotiators without the input of either the Israeli government or the Palestinian Authority.

According to Peace Now, the new approvals make 2020 "the highest year on record in units in settlement plans promoted since Peace Now began recording in 2012" and it may be the highest number of promotions of new units in two decades.

"It is inconceivable that a unity government set up to address the coronavirus has signed a record for dangerous and irresponsible construction in the depths of the West Bank," the organization stated.

Peace Now also noted that "many plans approved this year are particularly problematic in terms of the possibility of future Palestinian development and the prospect of a two-state solution. Almost all of the approved housing units, if built, will have to be evacuated and housing solutions found for those living there."