“Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started”

“Isn’t it unsafe to travel at night?”

“It’ll be a lot less safe to stay here…..

Let’s go.”…

“I’l be back - one day”

Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody out there?
Ah, is there anybody out there?” (Pink Floyd)

I wish to raise the question.

What is LIFE? What is this Life we are fighting so desperately to preserve?

A life without friends, family, normal human interaction?
A life without drifting along on the waves in the ocean, feeling the warmth of the sunshine on one’s face, the breeze blowing through one’s hair?

A life without laughter of children in the playground, without the presence of children in classrooms receiving the education we have argued for generations is their birthright?

A life without career, maybe without a future to look forward to?
A life without the joy of music, the rhythm of dance, theater, the beauty of art?
A life without the freedom to gather together and celebrate the occasions of our joys and sorrows as family, as community?
A life without the freedom to gather together in worship and study and gratitude to the One to Whom we are Indebted to for our Life?

Where are our values? What is this Life we are holding onto with such ferocity and brutality? Are we accepting a Living Death in the name of Preserving Life?

Perhaps the time has come to reclaim our lives?

Perhaps the time has come to reclaim LIFE, and not allow the fear of death to turn the remainder of our days on earth as a society and as individuals into dust?

To demonstrate, not for a change in government but for a change in our priorities, in our vision of the future, in our vision of what it means to be Alive?

To demonstrate for a return to what we cherish and honor in this Life? And the right to decide that yes, we are willing to risk it all, to risk our personal health, and perhaps even the health of our loved ones, for the chance to live a life of morality, dignity, beauty, values, freedom, love, nature, music, dance, laughter, joy and wonder at the beauty of Creation which by its very nature is ephemeral.

Life is Now. We are living it Today. Not Tomorrow. It is unfolding right now. While we are in hiding, dreaming of resuming life.


May we be inscribed in the Book of Life. Today.

Dr. Devorah Ungar is an American-born scientist and musician.who mved to Israel 30 years ago.