RavidMaayanei Hayeshua Spokesman

Senior doctors at Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital threatened to resign following the departure of Director Prof. Moti Ravid, who resigned after the storm provoked by his remarks against parts of the haredi sector, Channel 13 News reported today.

The doctors met with the institution's Director, demanding that Ravid be returned to his position. Some threatened to leave their positions, while others warned they would go on strike if the professor did not return

In a Reshet Bet interview, Ravid attacked the conduct of the haredi sector in the face of the coronavirus crisis: "this is one of the wildest events in the history of the State of Israel."

"I don't think there has actually been an entire community that flouts authority in this way and kills people, in my opinion not out of faith. I don't understand what the connection is between faith, Judaism, religion and what they do," Ravid added.

He said, "There'is no connection, there's a kind of defiance of 'me above all else' here. People who were educated to receive everything and not give anything for years and that is one of the reactions."

"I don't think there are any religious characteristics here," the hospital director claimed.

A few hours after the interview, Ravid was forced to resign as medical director of the haredi hospital. He later qualified the things he said and claimed that they were aimed at a "certain minority".