Under the guise of a pandemic?
Under the guise of a pandemic?Flash 90

The following was published in an online Messianic resource in June 2019...

New visa to Israel – B-5 visa – Moving to Israel as an American investor

The United States and Israel have a unique relationship. As allies, they cooperate in the political, military and economic spheres. American politicians often declare that the US was founded on 'Judeo-Christian' values, to emphasize the connection to Israel and the Jewish people.
...Many lovers of Israel find it difficult to secure a permanent residence or even long term visa in the Holy Land. Opportunities to immigrate to Israel are generally only available to Jews and family members / spouses of Jews and Israeli residents.

Messianic Jews face an even greater impediment from the Israeli immigration authorities (Misrad Hapnim). Messianic Jews are often denied the right to make Aliyah due to having 'converted' to Christianity. Christians and Messianic Jews are sometimes even prevented from visiting Israel because they are suspected of being active missionaries, entering into Israel on a mission to convert the Jewish population. As the Border Control and Ministry of Interior are not answerable to authorities outside Israel, they are rarely required to prove that their suspicion has any basis in reality.

A solution for those Americans who wish to live in Israel – B-5 Investor visa

Only recently, after many years of speculation and negotiations, on the 1st of May 2019, Israel launched its first investment visa program that allows American foreign citizens to acquire a long term visa in Israel. The B-5 visa allows US citizens to invest in a business in Israel, reside in the country or visit it as often as they wish.

After receiving the visa, the investor and their family members (spouse and children under 21) may live, work and study in Israel with no restrictions. They are free to reside and work wherever they wish, not limited to the business enterprise for which the investment visa is granted.

The B-5 visa conditions – How to get the investor visa to Israel?

The new investment visa to Israel is only available for Americans and is granted only on the basis of a “meaningful” investment. The entrepreneur is required to purchase at least 50% of a “non-marginal” Israeli business. The business enterprise must contribute to the Israeli economy and employ Israeli citizens (or be demonstrably ready to do so soon after the visa is granted).

In addition, the investor can apply for work visas for US citizens who are skilled managers and workers to receive accompanying visas to reside in Israel while working in the Israeli business. Their family members can also reside and work in Israel.

American citizens are now granted an opportunity to acquire long term status in Israel with the new investment visa, which is a step in the right direction.

The Tomer Deborah blog responded to the initiative, saying: "This 'meaningful' investment is nothing but a 'legal' bribe!!

"Now we know how Tommy Waller and his Hayovel Ministry has managed to bring in 70 volunteers (how symbolic is that number?), as well as the Plummers have managed to 'make aliyah' while Israel is under its second COVID-19 lockdown.

"The Deal of the Century was announced in January of 2020 and the Abraham Accords have come out of that - all while the world is supposedly 'fighting' a pandemic."

Missionaries permitted to live and baptize in Israel:

Anti-missionary activist Rabbi Tovia Singer said: "Missionaries, who moved to Israel during the pandemic, are set to convert Jews to Christianity.

"They proudly declare that they came to the Holy Land to baptize Israelis, and they have no plan to leave. They moved in! How did they receive residency visas to immigrate to Israel during the lockdown?

"Who gave them permission to enter the country when Jews are banned from visiting Israel? Listen to the new 'Bishop of Israel' and Israel's new 'First Lady' in their own words."