Thanksgiving at Emunah Bet Elazraki Children's Home
Thanksgiving at Emunah Bet Elazraki Children's HomeEmuna spokesperson

For the first time since its establishment, the Emunah Elazraki Children's Home has launched a unique fundraising campaign to continue its activities and support its children and graduates. The reason is the Corona epidemic, in stopping donations from abroad as well as from donors in Israel. These funds were the main source of income, which allowed the children's home to break the cycle of distress of many children and adults. In the absence of these donations, it was clear that the orphanage could not stand to the task of carrying out its enormous mission and continue to function. Therefore, out of complete lack of choice, it was decided to launch a mass recruitment campaign in Israel and the United States.

The campaign was carried out by people, about 300 ambassadors who set goals for themselves and did everything to meet them. At one point the teams actually competed with each other - who would recruit more. The mobilization for the mission was exciting and amazing. All the staff who worked at various times at the orphanage came to cooperate. National Service girls who served at the place regained for the first time since they left - the ability to be there for the kids, and it worked! Alumni of the MTC Seminary at Bet Elazraki Children’s Home worked around the clock, with full dedication, to ensure the success of our campaign.

Israeli TV star Zvika Hadar and Jewish Music singers Yaakov Shwekey and Yishai Lapidot also enlisted in the project, preparing videos of support and encouragement to people to get involved and contribute.

The kids at the home shared the excitement that filled the air. They came every time to watch the scoreboard that reflected the progress of the campaign - it is impossible to describe the joy and cries of enthusiasm when the goal was achieved.

At the end of the day the campaign was crowned a success. It is amazing to see how much love the orphanage has managed to mobilize. You could hear the sigh of relief - there is now more space to continue the work in the meantime, in the hope that good days will come and everything will return to normal soon.