Great Synagogue in Jerusalem
Great Synagogue in JerusalemLara Hart /Flash90

The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization on Tuesday called on the leaders of Israel's synagogues and prayer quorums to act responsibly by moving prayers outdoors as well as shortening the length of services.

The organization's call was published following the recommendation of Coronavirus Czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu to the government to close the synagogues as part of measures aimed at gaining control of the coronavirus epidemic.

At the same time, the organization calls on the organizers of the demonstrations to suspend their demonstrations during the lockdown, "in order to increase the solidarity in Israeli society that is needed at this time to defeat the coronavirus."

The statement issued by the Tzohar rabbinical organization further said that "the organization also calls with great pain on the government not to fear public pressure and to accept the recommendations of the professional echelon to close the synagogues until this fury passes."

"The Tzohar rabbinical organization will transfer all 500 of its Yom Kippur prayer quorums to capsules in which the organization partners all over the country will move to the open areas in order to maintain the health of those who come to pray on the holy day," they added.