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The League of Nations 1923:

Any attempt to negate the Jewish People's right to Palestine, Eretz-Israel, and to deny them access and control in the area designated for the Jewish People by the League of Nations is a serious infringement of international law.

The Origin and Nature of the "Mandate for Palestine"

The Jewish People of Eretz Israel are the Indigenous rightful owners of the Land of Israel. Indigenous -definition of a people begins those who have lived in a land for a very long time.

There have been Jews living in Eretz Israel for well over 3,000 (three thousand) years which certainly qualifies as a very long time. In addition to this are other aspects of indigenous peoples, including - Culture, Language, History, Archaeology. Almost every rock that is turned over in Israel speaks of Hebrew Jewish Culture, Hebrew Jewish Lanugage, Hebrew Jewish History, Hebrew Jewish Archaeology, and even their Ancient Hebrew Jewish Currency.

Almost every rock that is turned over in Israel speaks of Hebrew Jewish Culture, Hebrew Jewish Lanugage, Hebrew Jewish History, Hebrew Jewish Archaeology, and even their Ancient Hebrew Jewish Currency.
Above all that evidence, there is the most read book in the history of man, the Hebrew Jewish and Christian Bible, and in it there is evidence which discusses the relationship between the Hebrew Jewish People, their G-d and their Land.

There is no other nation that has such a large amount of well documented and archaeological information, thereby attaching the Hebrew Jewish People Culturally, Historically, and even Spiritually to their Land and their G-d.

I must therefore state that according to the great amount of evidence in favour of the Jewish right to the Land of Israel, the Jews of Eretz Israel are the most incontestably Indigenous people on the face of the earth. And the World knows it, this is not a great secret to the nations of the earth. Israel belongs to the Jewish People, but with such insurmountable evidence the world continues to deny that relationship between the Jews their G-d and their Land. This denial can only come from a hatred of both the Jewish People and their G-d, what is commonly known as Antisemitism.

The Land of Israel, belongs to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, this Land is theirs and is the land of no one else. It includes the Gaza Strip. Judea, Samaria. and the Golan Heights. Along with the whole of Israel from North to South. Including every village, town, city, every square centimetre of Eretz Israel belongs to the Jews of Eretz Israel alone.

On the other side of this debate, there are those nations in the Western World and in the United Nations who claim that the Jews do not have all legal rights to the land because there are antisemitic Arabs present in various areas of Israel.

I will try to make this as simple as possible for even the Western Press to understand as to what is going on in Israel.

1.The Jewish People of the World are given a right to live in their own land of Eretz Israel, this right is given and received from gentiles allowing the rest of the Jewish People to come home via the "Mandate of Palestine," to where they have lived for well over 3,000 years in larger or smaller numbers.

2. The British ignores the Mandate of Palestine, they then train and arm large forces of antisemitic Arabs, while also aiding the Arabs in their illegal migrant invasion of Israel.

3. During all of this chaos the Jews have been coming home to Israel in ever larger and larger numbers and have rebuilt their land and turning it into the Garden of Eden that the G-d of Israel intended it to be.

4. All the while that the Jews of Eretz Israel are rebuilding, they are being horribly persecuted by the British.

5. The Jews have their entrance to Israel blocked by the British Navy which continually and illegally turns the Jews away from the shores of their very own Holy Land of Israel, thereby ignoring the Right of the Indigenous People of Israel, the Jews, to return home legally to their "Jewish State," a breach of International Law on the part of British Government.

6. The Arabs are encouraged to illegally mass migrate and invade this new Jewish Garden of Eden. The invasion grows and grows, Jews are murdered by both the British and the Arabs, and yet they continu building their "Jewish Nation State" against all odds, even impossible odds, were it not for their G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. These Arabs come as armed criminals. who attempt to drive out the Indigenous Jewish Population of Israel and lay claim to the land that the Jews and their G-d made to bloom.

7. Jewish Land is being stolen and France and the other spineless leadership of Europe demand that the Jews of Eretz Israel give the Arabs a fair share of a land that the G-d of Israel never intended the Arabs to have. The treatment of the Jews in their own land by the E.U. and the U.N. is shameless and without precedent in Jewish European History - well, except for World War II, the Roman Persecution, the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, and the Pogroms under the hands of the Russians and Polish.

As I think upon the Jewish History in Europe, it becomes quite evident that the many attempts of genocidal destruction against the Jewish People is actually a European pastime. And the frightened Europeans are once again sacrificing the Jewish Race for expediency- the quality of being convenient and practical despite being immoral.

The EU did not attend the peace signing on the Whtie House lawn - how typical!

The leaders of the Arabs who claim Israel for themselves both past and present unashamedly admitted that there was no such thing as a "Palestinian," writing "we are all Egyptian or Saudi," which means they are all Egyptian and Saudi illegal migrants.

If anyone is not part of the Indigenous Jewish Population then he or she has no right to the land of the Jews. The admission by the Arabs themselves, that there is no such people as the "Palestinians,"amounts to a denial of any rights which they once claimed. It is a further admission that they are an illegal, as well as a destructive, presence Iiving within the body of the "Jewish State."

I have already stated that the Arab Population descends from illegal aliens who mass migrated into Eretz Israel and have absolutely no right to the land of Eretz Israel, the Land of the Jews. The League of Nations acknowledged that the Jews are inheritors of the Mandate of Palestine and by so doing the very Special Status is conveyed upon the Jews of Eretz Israel, as the Indigenous and RightfuI owners of the "Mandate of Palestine."

The "Mandate of Palestine" originally included the territory that became the land of Jordan which made the Mandate 70 percent larger than the agreement which the Jews of Israel finally received. Mr. Churchill divided the "Mandate of Palestine" and created a new Hashemite Kingdom, he moved the ruling family from Mecca, Saudi Arabia along with their subjects into the empty desert of Trans-Jordan. This was done in order to reward the Hashemite family for their help in defeating the Turks. The real reason for this new state was for the British to ingratiate themselves with the Arabs in order to secure Arab Oil rights for the British Empire.

Mr. Churchill's kind gift to the Hashemite rulers cost the Jews of Eretz Israel 70 percent of their total Mandate. Even Lawrence of Arabia did not understand this effort in elevating the Hashemite rulers. Mr. Lawrence stated that this Hashemite ruler's aid in the war with Turkey was at best minimal or without any use. But Israel received its first blow through the "Mandate of Palestine Process."

After Israel was forced to agree to the surrendering of Trans-Jordan, the dishonourable Hashemite rulers of Jordan thanked Israel by invading it and then claiming a greater part of Jerusalem, conquered the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria, which they separated from Israel and renamed the 'West Bank,' creating a radical Arab colony on Israel's Eastern Border.

In addition to this the U.N. has given this violent illegal Arab colony sovereignty over the Jewish four most Holy Places.

The Egyptians invaded the Gaza Strip and created a second radical Islamic colony on Israel's Southern Border.

The EU and the UN have stated in so many words, that Israel does not have the right to reverse this process, but must learn to live with the injustice. This gift of Trans-Jordan was passed on to the Hashemite people from Mecca, and was considered by the Jews of Eretz Israel as the first "Two State Solution." Meaning a "Jewish State," and separately an "Arab State."

But the Arabs consider any Jewish State even a down sized one, as being too great of a victory for the Jewish People, and no “Jewish State" at all is the best idea to them. That is the real reason for a second "Two State Solution." Two separate nations were created by Trans-Jordan: one a Jewish State and the other an Arab State. The problem is that the Jews of Eretz Israel are now asked to accept a second "Two State Solution." We are now asked to accept a second theft of land from the Jewish People of Eretz Israel only because its enemies do not think that the first "Two State Solution," was enough of a theft of Jewish Land. They therefore require more Jewish land and the EU and the UN are in agreement with the Arab thieves.

The Arabs are correct when they say there is no such thing as a "Palestinian". There has never been a Palestinian people, No Palestinian curency, No Palestinian language, No Palestinian culture, No Palestinian history and No Palestinian archaeology attesting to the fact that there has ever existed such a people.

What we do find is an enormous amount of Myths and Lies all designed to fabricate- or invent something that is not real in order to deceive. In this case, the institutions that are being knowingly deceived are both the EU and the UN, and judging by the success of the enormous amounts of deceptions, these institutions have grievous internal problems and are unable to discern between fact and fiction.

I once bought various types of ancient coins from an Arab gentlemen in the 'West Bank' and asked if he had any Palestinian coins. He said no because Palestine never existed, If I had thought about it then, I would have introduced the gentlemen to the to the EU and the UN so he could explain the true facts to those two unknowledgeable institutions.

Some local Arabs have the Chutzpah to say the naming of Israel as a "Jewish State" is an act of racism. The presence of Arabs inside the "Jewish State" is the real act of racism. When there are 21 Arab States to live in, why did you illegally mass migrate into the only Jewish State on our planet and then constantly threaten this small Jewish State with annihilation?

(Amos 9:14-15): And I will bring again the captivity of my People of Israel. and they shall build the waste cities. and inhabit them: and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof. They shall also make gardens. and eat the fruit of them. The Tanach is stating that the land of Eretz-Israel will remain an uninhabitable waste land until the Jews of Eretz-Israel return home to rebuild it, and so it was, just as the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, stated in the Tanach.

The Jews of Eretz-Israel did not create this hateful and violent environment, it was begun by the Arabs before Israel was even reborn. All of this nonsense of oppressed Arabs since the time of Israel's rebirth and afterwards is nothing but a theatrical production conceived and contrived to create and introduce a new antisemitic character which hitherto did not exist in the Middle East chaos.

We must make up a name for this character who was completely contrived by the Arabs, UN and the EU., so we will call him Mr. Palestine-who-never-existed.

It's more about repatriation than about annexation

Repatriation-is to restore or return an asset to the Country of Origin to whom it belongs. The return of Judea and Samaria, Golan Heights, and Gaza Strip is therefore completely Iegal since the land is being returned to its rightful owners the Indigenous Jews of Eretz Israel.

Another way of handling this problem is to repatriate the illegal Arab Alien Migrants to their original homeland, Gazans to Egypt and Arabs living throughout Israel back to Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Annexation - the action of adding something to a country which has been seized and held is often considered illegal by international law. The Jewish Population of Eretz Israel should always be aware of one thing that is that the antisemitic UN and EU will only accept an agreement that requires Israel to surrender some or all of its sovereignty, with not connetion to justice.

The World hates the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and that same G-d stands behind Israel. {Malachi 3:6} For I am the Lord I change not, therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Paul A. Britto is an American living in the Netherlands, married to a Dutch citizen with two children. His daughter volunteered in the IDF.