Mandelblit, Ohana
Mandelblit, OhanaFlash 90

Internal Security Minister Amir Ohana launched a scathing and unprecedented attack on the Attorney General at the Basheva newspaper's summer conference, which will be broadcast tomorrow on Arutz Sheva's Hebrew website.

In an interview held under the auspices of the conference, excerpts from which were brought tonight on Channel 12, Ohana claimed that Mandelblit "is invested in Netanyahu's political assassination, these are serious words that I stand behind.

"Mandelblit decided to file an indictment against Netanyahu, and from that moment all his prestige and all his political future depends on Netanyahu's conviction and political assassination, because if he's acquitted, Avichai Mandelblit will not be able to remain in public life for a moment. It will be a sign of disgrace that will never be erased from his forehead after what he dragged our country into," Ohana said.

"How can an Attorney General who has filed an indictment against the Prime Minister, who is currently both the accuser and the prosecutor, approach within a distance of 100 meters from the decision on whether Netanyahu can fund and how exactly he will fund his defense?" the Minister wondered.

"It is clear that he has an interest in making it difficult for him to finance his defense, that he have a defense that is as lame as possible. And yet he allows himself and tells Netanyahu how to finance his defense - it's inherent conflict of interest," he said.

Avichai Mandelblit's spokesman responded: "It is very unfortunate that the Internal Security Minister of the State of Israel expressed himself in such a way. This is, of course, a delusional and unfounded conspiracy theory, which has no grip on reality, even the faintest, and therefore does not deserve a matter-of-fact response."