Evacuating the residents of Maaleh Shai on Friday
Evacuating the residents of Maaleh Shai on FridayMaaleh Shai founders

Maaleh Shai, a new settlement founded in memory of terror victim Rabbi Shai Ohayon, was evacuated for the third time on Saturday.

Rabbi Ohayon, a 39-year-old father of four, was murdered by an Arab terrorist at Petah Tikva's Segula Junction on Wednesday.

Evacuees included the resident families, along with approximately 20 supporters who had arrived to spend Shabbat (the Sabbath) at the site.

The residents reported harsh violence against them during the evacuation, as well as the use of pepper spray.

Following the evacuation, local Arabs posted joyful videos on social media, which included celebrations and bonfires at the site. In the videos, the Arabs wrote that they were burning the Jews' belongings.

Approximately one hour after sunset on Friday, large IDF and Border Police forces arrived at the new settlement, dragging the families and their supporters to military vehicles and driving them to the Shilo Junction, where they were forced out of the vehicles together with their young children.

The residents also said that they had begged the forces not to force them to travel on Shabbat, since Jewish law forbids it, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, the families were handcuffed and forced into the vehicles.

They added that when they crossed the Arab village of Sinjil, the local Arabs threw rocks at the vehicles.

Yedidya, one of the residents, said: "We went once more to the hill of Maaleh Shai, with the goal of breaking boundaries and changing a trend in the settlements, moving forward and settling every area of our land. Border Police forces came and with violence and without consideration, on the holy Shabbat, forced all of us into a single vehicle - men, women, and children - for several hours, on Friday night. They brought us from one place to another until they unloaded us, violently, near Shilo. We will return and go back to Maaleh Shai, and with G-d's help we will reach every corner of our land."

Maaleh Shai was founded in Area B, which is under Israeli military control, but under the civil control of the Palestinian Authority. Currently, Jews are only allowed to live in Area C, which is under Israeli military and civil control. Arabs, on the other hand, are allowed to live in Area A (under full Palestinian Authority civil and military control), Area B, and Area C, as well as in any other area in Israel.