German scientists from the University of Halle staged 3 pop concerts in the eastern city of Leipzig Saturday in order to study the risks of coronavirus infection in large indoor spaces, according to German broadcaster DW News.

According to the report, popular German singer Tim Bendzko volunteered to play 3 different concerts over the course of the day. For each concert, the scientists tested a different configuration of concertgoers.

The first concert was meant to simulate a situation before the coronavirus outbreak, without restrictions.

The second concert included larger distances between participants and what the researchers called an “optimized hygiene concept.”

The third concert involved maintaining a 1.5 meter distance between participants, and a reduction in the number of participants.

According to DW, the experiment involved around 2,000 participants. The goal was to provide insight into whether concerts and other large events could continue while avoiding high risks of coronavirus infection.

Results are expected this fall.