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Happy days for Oprah Winfrey.

Her wish that “old people will just have to die” keeps coming back and coming true. Old people are dying.

She specified a generation of old people “marinated” in “racism and prejudice.”

If you watch the tape, which some people are trying to hide or explain away, you can see that she is quite emphatic about this. So are many others who think like her.

But isn’t every life unique and precious?

Go find a replacement for the recently departed, too soon at 83, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

For Oprah…and the others…a new generation is dawning – young people, a generation of spring chickens destined to roost and boost love, tolerance, equity and kindness.

Most of the old people I know are not racist or prejudiced, though it all depends, I suppose, on what that means.

My neighbor, for example, goes back to the Korean War, and he still calls his wife “honey” or “doll” or even “babe.”

People talked like that back then, and nobody was offended. Today, naturally, everybody is offended, about everything.

Today, my neighbor would be known as a sexist, and so far as racist, I know he cusses out black drivers who steal his parking spot, but he’s just as ornery towards white drivers.

Anyway, he would be a goner, if Oprah had her way, or if Michelle ruled the world. Michelle, remember, wasn’t proud of America until her husband became president.

For people who missed the message, a week ago Michelle complained about being depressed because we voted in Trump. At the Convention, she complained about being oppressed.

That echoed Oprah, saying white people are holding back black people.

Strange. No? White people turned out in droves to make Michelle’s husband president, and white people filled the seats to turn Oprah into a multi billionaire.

Gratitude, anyone?

There seems to be a trend among the rich and the miserable. “Ellen” DeGeneres, they say, hated her staff, her guests, and her audience,

That never came across…until now.

Now? Now…back to Oprah…enlightenment is coming…enlightenment is coming. Make way for tolerance, sensitivity and diversity.

So who is it that’s out there bullying, rioting, terrorizing and looting?

Old people?

They took it from women, blacks, gays, Muslims. But they seldom answered back. That would be so rude. But if anyone had a gripe, they did. Their world had disappeared.
No. All we see are young people doing this. White and black, by the way. What happened? What went wrong?

This is how we saw it on a particular page In “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Controversial? These days, surely, for reasons Giulio Meotti explains so profoundly in this op-ed.

But here goes from “Bathsheba,” the fact-based inside the newsroom novel that did get published but would have no chance today --

“Old money. Protestant purebred old money.

“The last of the Americans. Overrun, overwhelmed by the Immigration Act of 1965 [which flung the doors wide open for non-Europeans], they were finally a minority.

“They still ruled, but with much less authority. Simply because of the math. For the first time in history there were more of them than there were of US.

“The melting pot finally cooked them. But they took it like the gentlemen that they were.

“They took it from women, blacks, gays, Muslims. But they seldom answered back. That would be so rude. But if anyone had a gripe, they did. Their world had disappeared.

“They bought books from booksellers who spoke no English and there was no more gabbing with cabbies.

“One day it was all gone.”

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