Some of the countries Israelis have recently been permitted to travel to without being required to quarantine upon return may become "red" countries, Israel Hayom reported.

Beginning this week, those traveling to Bulgaria, Croatia, and parts of Greece do not have to quarantine when returning to Israel.

However, though Greece and Bulgaria are considered countries with relatively low infection rates, Croatia has recently seen a rise in coronavirus cases.

According to British reports, both Britain and France are expected to add Turkey and Croatia to their "red" lists. Croatia has seen 162 new cases recently, more than the number Britain sees as the maximum for a "green" country.

As such, British authorities may require those returning from Turkey and Croatia to quarantine for 14 days upon their return.

Israir is set to operate flights to two destinations in Croatia, but it is not clear whether Israel's Health Ministry will follow the lead of Britain and France, removing Croatia from its "green" list.

Meanwhile, Greece is also seeing a rise in coronavirus infections, and is expected to tighten the conditions under which tourists are allowed into the country. It is not clear how their decision will influence the tourism agreement with Israel.