The chief of the Republican Party’s branch in Israel lauded the Trump administration for its role in brokering the recently announced Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and downplayed the importance of Israel’s agreement to ‘suspend’ its plan to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Attorney Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel and Vice President of Republicans Overseas, told Arutz Sheva Tuesday that the deal between Israel and the UAE – the first peace treaty between the Jewish state and an Arab state in 26 years – marked an “amazing beginning” of a new era in the region.

“The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is an amazing beginning of a whole new dawn here in the Middle East. And it is not the last. I think we’re going to see several others, maybe Kuwait, maybe Bahrain, maybe Oman, maybe even Saudi Arabia. This is a beginning of a new age, and thank God that Donald Trump made it happen.”

Zell emphasized that Israel’s sovereignty plan has not been altered, but will merely be implemented at a later time.

“This is an administration, unlike any of its predecessors, which has expressly acknowledged the right of the Jewish people to live and to prosper in Judea and Samaria. This was a revolutionary change in the attitude of an American administration towards Judea and Samaria and the Jewish people. And that hasn’t changed. What has changed right now is just a question of timing. Right now we have this incredible opportunity to make peace happen. To enter into these agreements. To building this bridges with our friends in the Gulf. And the issue of sovereignty, as important as it is, and it is important, needs to wait a little while, until we build those foundations for peace.”

Zell noted that even before the UAE deal, the Israeli government had not moved on its sovereignty plan on July 1st, the date set by the coalition agreement.

“We had an opportunity to make a decision about sovereignty over a month ago. Israel decided for whatever reason not to move quickly. That was before we had any kind of agreement on the table with the UAE. That was a choice that Israel made. And the administration in Washington, unlike its predecessors, respects Israel’s decision about what’s important in her security interests. That’s the new rule in Washington.”

Regarding the upcoming presidential election, Zell said he is optimistic, but made no predictions regarding the outcome.

“What is going to happen in November? Only God knows. But I’m optimistic.”