A police representative on Monday morning said that over 200 incidents of violence had been found in over 50 of the security videos from a Ramle childcare center, Maariv reported.

The statement was made during a hearing on the case, in which 11 staff members are suspected of involvement in abuse.

The childcare center served a total of 46 children aged 0-3, and was divided into three classes. All of the footage viewed so far is from a single class.

Meanwhile, the arrests of the center's owners, Lital Bersi and her partner Moshe, have been extended by three days. At the end of last week, police extended the Bersis' arrest and that of five of the daycare's assistance by five days.

At least one of the assistants has begun cooperating with the interrogators, and seems to be close to signing an agreement to serve as a state witness, Maariv added.

The Bersis' attorney, Suzy Oz Sinai Arnia, claimed that her client was not involved in the violent crimes, saying: "I believe that there is room to differentiate between my clients, the owners of the center, and the assistants who acted violently. At this point of extending arrests for the third time, it would be proper to release them, and we are considering appealing to the district."

However, police representative Yaniv Amram claimed that in the videos, Bersi can be seen present in the room as one of the assistants attacked young children.

Judge Zohar Divon Segal supported Amram's claim, saying that "the owner of the center was present and very clearly knew about the abuse, and at the very least should have known about the incidents of violence on camera. The violence included throwing children on mattresses, slaps, hitting various body parts, throwing food on the floor and throwing objects. All of these became an accepted norm by the center's staff, and this is violence that she did not report. The preschool teacher is suspected of direct violence against the children. You cannot ignore that she was present when the assistants used violence towards the children, and even instructed the center's staff to use violence towards the children."

Regarding Moshe Bersi, Segal said that "he took an active part in the violence. We're talking about someone who they turned to him for help handling the children when they had a difficult time providing them with what they needed. When the children did not live up to the assistants' expectations, they turned to him to help them handle the children in an aggressive fashion, to take them to places in the center where they were punished."

She added that "due to the many incidents of systematic violence in the center, [and] the many people involved, we cannot separate these things and handle each one separately. This is a serious case and there is a chance there will be dangerous interference."