Kids in field
Kids in fieldAdama 613

Many dream of purchasing land in Israel but real estate is unattainable for most. Even if you do end up making Aliyah, you usually don’t feel like you've unlocked all the opportunities the Land has to offer on a spiritual level.

A new, exciting company has been founded in Israel called Adama 613. They have secured some of the scarce private land in central Israel's Givat Ada neighborhood, subdivided it, and are now offering it for sale, allowing you to fulfill all the land mitzvot Israel has to offer. You can own the land while they take care of everything including plowing, fertilizing, planting and reaping the produce according to Jewish Law. They will take off the tithes and gifts to the poor as your representative or you may go to your own plot of land with children and grandchildren and pick the fruits or harvest the grain, deducing tithes as long as you're in the country. The fruit goes to the poor and some is sent to your family members in Israel.

Some of the perks included in this offer are the ability to pick your own Arba’a minim (four types) for Sukkot, using your own olive oil for Chanukah and Wine for kiddush form your own field. This is a great conversation piece, providing a feeling of true ownership and pride. As Rav Israel from Ruzin Said “In truth it is a great thing that the fruit of Israel help one with fear of heaven.”

Most today have no way of fulfilling the commandments of gifts to the poor on a Torah level, but Adama offers a system of working the Land to produce wheat and providing it to the poor.

Never before has there been an opportunity enabling you to fulfill these crucial Torah mitzvot without owning a field or even being in the country. The company has received Israel's top Rabbinic Authority and is being touted as an amazing novel idea for committed Jews to accomplish; something that's been within the realms of a dream up till now...

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