Former Likud Knesset Member Yehuda Glick, presently of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, spoke to Arutz Sheva as he stood with hundreds of Jews awaiting the chance to ascend the Temple Mount: "Here we are, standing at the entrance of the Temple Mount. I recall, just a few years ago, the Temple Mount was closed on Tisha b'Av. I remember years when there were few people here. Today, the Temple Mount is open in spite of COVID-19; today hundreds are Jews are here, waiting to ascend.

שירת "אם אשכחך" בעלייה להר הביתיהונתן גוטליב

"Already over 300 Jews have already today ascended to the Temple Mount, we hope many, many more will be ascending today. But most of all we hope to be worthy to stand in front of G-d, and we in the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation are calling to declare G-d's royal kingdom all over the world.

"This is the place where our prophets taught us will be the house of prayer for all nations. From here will come out a message of 'Shalom'; the world center of Shalom, the world center of Torah, and from here will come out a message that G-d is One, His Name is One, and He will show His royal dynasty over the world.

"So, for 2,000 years we were waiting for Him, and now we're ready to say 'Hashem (G-d), here I am'."