US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo participated in the online video broadcast ceremony of the relaunch of the Christian Allies Caucus for the 23rd Knesset hosted by The Friends of Zion Museum.

"I am proud that the United States and Israel have never been closer than they are today," Pompeo said. "What we have accomplished over the last three years was almost unimaginable."

"President Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem," the US Secretary of State continued, "recognizing the reality that the holy city is and always will be Israel’s capital. We recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan. I was honored to be in Jerusalem on the day that policy was announced. We told the truth, that Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank are not per say inconsistent with international law."

"We’ve championed the President’s vision for peace," Pompeo stated. "It’s the best and most realistic path forward to end the bloodshed between Israel and the Palestinian people, and to achieve enduring security, freedom and prosperity for both sides."

Pompeo mentioned a moment that he says he will never forget as a diplomat, as an American, and as a Christian – praying at the Western Wall with the Prime Minister of Israel. "It showed the strength of this alliance", he explained. "The American Christian support for Zion is unshakeable and we are proud to stand by our brothers and sisters in Israel."