Andrew Cuomo
Andrew CuomoReuters

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that he and US President Donald Trump had reached an agreement that it is unnecessary to deploy federal authorities to New York City in order to curb rising gun violence in the big apple.

“I spoke to the president yesterday. The president had suggested that he was considering sending federal agents to New York, among other cities New York City, to deal with what he saw as an increase-in-crime problem,” Cuomo told reporters Wednesday.

“I spoke to the president about it, said I was also concerned about the increase in crime in New York City and that people in New York City are also concerned about the increase in crime. I also said that at this point, I think that the situation can be managed by the state.”

During their conversation, Cuomo told Trump: “We have no need at this time for any assistance.”

“I understand the issue of crime. New Yorkers understand the issue of crime in New York City, but I have not declared a public safety emergency,” the governor said. “The president agreed with that, and said we would talk if he thought the circumstances would change.”

Trump promised Cuomo that he would not dispatch federal authorities without consulting with him first.

New York has been rocked by a spate of hundreds of shootings in recent months.

Federal authorities have been dispatched to Portland, Oregon in response to continued unrest in the city. The deployment has been heavily criticized after plain-clothed officers were seen arresting demonstrators and putting them into unmarked vans.