The four-year-old boy who was forgotten in his family's car for three hours in Dimona was declared dead at Soroka hospital in Be'ersheva Monday night.

Magen David Adom paramedics evacuated him to Soroka Hospital in critical condition with signs of heat stroke while performing resuscitation operations.

The doctors fought for his life for several hours and eventually were forced to determine his death.

An initial police check revealed that the family returned at four o'clock PM from the pool and the child apparently had fallen asleep in the car and was forgotten.

The parents noticed around seven o'clock that he was not at home, went out quickly, and discovered him in the vehicle unconscious and called rescue forces.

Senior MDA Paramedic Yonatan Ifergan said: "I arrived at the scene and they signaled for me to enter a house. I saw one of the neighbors performing basic resuscitation operations with guidance from MDA's 101 telephone hotline. I started advanced resuscitation operations and connected the defibrillator.

"The intensive care team that arrived at the scene continued with advanced resuscitation operations that included resuscitation, massages, and medication and cooling with towels and water, and they evacuated the child to the hospital while continuing resuscitation operations while his condition was critical," Ifergan added.

According to B'Terem child safety organization data, in the last decade (2010-2020) 880 children were forgotten or trapped in a vehicle, 31 of which incidents ended in the death of the child.

B'Terem child safety organization Director Orly Silvinger said: “Forgetting a child in a car is a shocking phenomenon. Studies show that this happens in all population groups and usually occurs as a result of stress, distraction, or a change in routine.

"We call on parents, don't say 'this won't happen to me'. Adopt one of these life-saving habits: Open the back door at the end of each trip, call your spouse after you reach your destination, or leave an object in the back seat."