Hezi Levi
Hezi LeviFlash 90

In recent days, Unit 8200, one of the main intelligence agencies in the State of Israel, has been hit with coronavirus, Channel 13 News reported.

More than a hundred soldiers in the elite IDF unit became infected and caused the isolation of many more.

The IDF estimates that most of the patients were infected by family and friends and not in the military.

The operation of the unit was not impaired because once the morbidity began to be significant, it switched to working with the "capsule" method.

Meanwhile, senior officials in the Health Ministry claim opening gyms brings Israeli citizens even closer to a state of closure.

"It can't be that we act from political and not professional reasons," the officials said.

The Health Ministry announced tonight that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Israel has crossed the 40,000 mark. Since midnight, 954 new patients had been diagnosed. The condition of 183 patients is defined severe and 54 are on ventilator.

The death toll associated with coronavirus has risen to 365.

Health Ministry Director Professor Hezi Levy convened a special press conference tonight where he said we are in a growing wave of infection.

"I'm very concerned about the increase in the number of patients and I speak to you as a doctor. Listen to the instructions. This is a mutual guarantee - we all need to wear a mask so as not to endanger those around us. I'm not sure we all understand how much of an increase there is. Together we can reduce morbidity and live in the shadow of the coronavirus."

Professor Levy stressed that the Health Ministry is trying to avoid a general framework that entails economic, health, and mental damage, and to formulate restrictions that will prevent gatherings. The Health Ministry Director again called on the public to adhere to guidelines.

"We saw in the first wave that a general closure straightened the curve. We don't want to reach a general closure. We do local closures, prevent gatherings, and call for mutual responsibility. You can take the path of 'there's no disease' and go to events and clubs but in the end it's a broad cushion for infection. We must show responsibility in order not to reach a general closure."