Scene of June 30 explosion near Tehran
Scene of June 30 explosion near TehranReuters

An explosion was heard in western Tehran on Thursday night, Reuters reported, citing the official IRIB news agency.

IRIB did not provide any additional information about the cause of the blast or possible casualties.

Electricity has been cut in the area of the explosion in suburbs west of Tehran, it reported.

There have been multiple explosions around military, nuclear and industrial facilities in the past week.

Two people were killed in an explosion at a factory in the south of Tehran on Tuesday.

Last Thursday, Iran announced that an "accident" had occurred at the Natanz nuclear complex in central Iran.

On Sunday, an unnamed Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the “accident” at Natanz told The New York Timesthat Israel was responsible for the attack, which he said was carried out using a powerful bomb.

Also last week, 19 people were killed in an explosion at a medical clinic in the north of Tehran, which an official said was caused by a gas leak.

On June 26, an explosion occurred east of Tehran near the Parchin military and weapons development base. In this incident, as well, authorities said the explosion was caused by a leak at a gas storage facility in an area outside the base.